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Based InEagle River, Alaska
Languages English
Areas CoveredWorldwide


  • Over 30 year’s experience in the Maritime field. Sailing globally as Master.
  • Ice Navigator and Pilot to over 30 expeditions to Antarctica
  • Ice Navigator and Pilot to Alaska Arctic
  • USCG Approved Ice Navigator Instructor
  • Over 20 year’s experience conducting Maritime Audits and Surveys


  • USCG Unlimited Master Any Gross Tons Upon Oceans
  • USCG Licensed Federal Pilot Any Gross Tons Ports of Dutch Harbour and Captains Bay Alaska
  • USCG Master 3000 Gross Tons Sail Upon Oceans
  • USCG Master of towing AGT Upon Oceans
  • Republic of Vanuatu Master of Any Gross Tons Upon Oceans
  • STCW Endorsements: Ice Navigator, Tankerman PIC, ECDIS, Medical Care PIC, AB Unlimited, AB Unlimited Sail, Lifeboatman, Fast Rescue Craft, GMDSS, Unlimited Radar, ARPA, GMDSS, Security Officer
  • Industry Endorsements: Unlimited Dynamic Positioning, Helicopter Landing Officer, Helicopter Underwater Egress
  • Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors SAMS ® “Surveyor Associate”
  • U.S. Surveyors Association “Master Marine Surveyor”
  • NDT Mag Particle and Dye Penetrant Certified Level 2


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